Create a School Waqf that will educate 360+ students yearly.

Build a Beacon of Knowledge in Ogun State, Nigeria

Our campaign is not just about building a school; it’s about providing a space where our Muslim youth can learn and grow within the tenets of their own faith. Currently, our children face the challenge of attending Christian religious schools, which, while providing valuable education, do not cater to the Islamic teachings and principles we hold dear. Muslims are only 30% of the population in Ogun State, and even less in the area of the School, Igbesa.

An additional challenge is, even if we wanted to send our children to these schools, the distance they travel to and from leaves no room for additional Islamic instruction in the evening, creating a gap in their spiritual and cultural education. We are raising Muslim children in Muslim homes, but with Christian education. This is a choice we are unwilling to make.

Transforming Temporary Measures into Lasting Foundations

Presently, our students are being taught in makeshift wooden classrooms situated at the back of our local mosque. These temporary quarters were made possible by the generous support of Wellspring Endowment, which contributed $2000 towards whiteboards and desks. This stopgap has served its purpose, but it is time for us to move forward. Our vision is to transition from this provisional arrangement into a permanent, well-structured Islamic school, starting the construction as swiftly as our resources allow.

Partnering for Educational Excellence

Wellspring Endowment works to support underserved areas, has partnered with as-Safa Educational Foundation to help create a Waqf for children in Ogun State, Nigeria. We have fortified our efforts through an MOU aimed at educational development, signed by our esteemed director, Dr. Ridwan.

As-Safa Educational Foundation is a certified incorporated body under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, incorporated on 28th of November, 2016 (CAC/IT/NO 92803).

Wellspring Endowment is a federally registered 501c3 corporation located in the state of Texas incorporated in 2014 (EIN 46-0849564).


Given the need of our children to learn in an Islamic environment close to home, we have created a stopgap measure of housing our temporary school in a local mosque. Wellspring provided a crucial assistance in this regard for our temporary classrooms to be created. You can find pictures of these classrooms below as well as a video.

As you can see, this temporary measure will only be effective so long.

Our Goal This Ramadan

With several giving levels we’re hoping to make it easy for you to help us meet our fundraising goal of $80,000 for the month of Ramadan. All donations for our new Islamic school flow directly to Al-Safa, Wellspring’s invaluable strategic guidance and network for fundraising in the US are accelerating our path to creating a permanent home for Islamic learning.

With your funds, we will be able to build the school building phase of our project, which we have estimated to cost around $80,000 USD.

So far we have achieved the following:

  • Secured Federal Incorporation.
  • Purchased raw land for the Foundation’s project (picture below).
  • Procured temporary classrooms.
  • Began classes in our local mosque.
  • Finalized construction plans, architectural drawings, and site plans for the project.
The Future Home of As-Safa Educational Foundation

What We are Asking From You

The only thing left now is your assistance so that we can build the school. Any additional funds will be applied supplies for students, teachers, and additional phases of the project.

Our goals is $80,000 USD to help build this school. We will send emails with updates on all totals collected and updates on the school’s construction. A donation receipt will be sent to you immediately after payment. If you do not receive one, kindly email us at info @ wellspringendowment dot org and we’ll make sure one it resent.

Please note: Wellspring acts as a partner in the collection of these donations, but does not take any portion of them. Your donations will be transferred in their entirety regardless of the amount collected. Additionally, Wellspring covers the transfer fees from its on general account, ensuring 100% of the donation reaches the project.

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