Last Eid al-Adha, through your generosity we were able to feed 3000 in Northern Lebanon, raising enough to purchase 20 cows for Udhiya.

This Ramadan 2023, we’re working with the Zakat Fund of Kalamoun, Koura, and Batroun to provide Zakat al-Fitr to poor families in Northern Lebanon .

Lebanon is enduring a humanitarian catastrophe created by a financial meltdown. The poorest of families are now poorer due to the devaluation of their currency and shortages in the supply chain. We feel compelled to help.

The humanitarian need is still dire, and we will keep this payment page open until the Day of Eid.


Here’s how this works:

  • Wellspring Endowment accepts Zakat al-Fitr donations on your behalf.
  • We report the amount collected to the Zakat Fund in Northern Lebanon.
  • Zakat Fund distributes the same amount to the poor on the night of Eid.
  • Wellspring transfers the collected amounts to Zakat fund, assuming all related fees and costs unprovided for.

Use the Stripe form above for payment. When payment is successful, you will be taken to a “Payment Confirmation” page. Please print that page for your records.

Wellspring Endowment is a US based registered 501c3 non profit organization. We have partnered with the Zakat Fund of Kalamoun, Koura, and Batroun in Northern Lebanon to provide the cost of animals for Udhiya, to distribute meat this Eid al-Adha to the poorest of those areas. Zakat Fund of Kalamoun, Koura, and Batroun (Caisse Zakat Kalamoun Koura Batroun) is registered charity under the supervision of Dar al-Fatwa in Lebanon. You can read more about them here or visit them on Facebook.