Update for Donors as of 03 April 2024

Salam Alaikum,

After reconciling the amounts contributed by you all on both the Wellspring Website as well as the Launchgood website, we have not only reached the goal but exceeded it. Given that we’ve reached the goal, we will now close the campaign.

I spoke with the brother the other day and informed him we were close, and he was overwhelmed with gratitude to Allah and then to everyone who donated. 

We’ve started the process for arranging the paydown of the debt officially. Any overages from the collection will be used to pay down other debts he owes, and a portion of the remainder will go to assisting him and his wife make Umrah.

Again, may Allah bless each of you for your generosity, kindness, and willingness to help out your Muslim brother in need. 

May He bless the brother for giving us the opportunity to gain reward this Ramadan. I’m reminded of al-Fuḍayl ibn Iyād’s saying “How amazing are the poor! They carry our good deeds to the scales of justice for us on the Day of Judgment.” 

Allah bless each and everyone of you.

wa Salam, 

Joe Bradford 

updated as of 03APR2024

The Case At Hand

The case of a new Muslim who took his Shahada in 2015 was brought to me last week. After verifying the information, I wanted to share it with you. Like many who accept Islam in adulthood, they have obligations from before Islam that remain due. This brother had a child from a previous marriage before Islam, and despite him paying child support, unbeknownst to him there was a gap between the time the state issued the child support order and when he was informed to pay. When his son reached 18 and he thought he was finished with child support, not only was there an unpaid amount but that upaid amount had increased due to the 10% interest charged on top of the unpaid amount.
This resulted in a significant total unpaid, which this brother has been paying down monthly. Despite his best efforts, he still owes $46,000. While he is working a paying the mandatory amount every month, he works minimum wage to pay down this amount it would take him nearly a decade.

His wife is affected as well. She is a new Muslim as well, with no family to rely on other than her husband, these two support each other but are burdened by this outstanding debt. This has prevented them from being able to provide for thier infant sufficiently, and prevents them from travel as well as his passport is blocked until he pays down this debt. They’ve dreamed of saving up to go to Umra, but that dream is being cut short by this interest bearing debt.

My Ask of You

As in the hadith of Qabisa, the Prophet said “Asking of others is not permitted expect for three: A person who assumes the debt of another and asks other to ensure it is paid. It is permitted for him to ask until that debt is met.”

So when one of my students brought me this brother’s case, I decided to take it upon myself to assume responsibility to ask and campaign for him, hoping that you all will join me to help pay down this debt. I can’t think of a more worthy individual case, as paying down this debt will not only free him of interest bearing debt, but will allow him to improve his life, and the lives of his wife and infant son. He meets the categories of Poor, In Debt, and Softening the hearts, and therefore this would be a Zakat eligible donation.

How These Funds Will be Used

I will personally see to it that the total of $46k is used to pay down this debt directly to the creditor. I’ve committed $5000 dollars to this, and am asking you all to help pay down the remainder ($46k – $5k = $41k). If we collect any amounts above and beyond this principle amount of $46k, I will apply it to travel funds for the brother and his family in order for them to make Umra, working with known travel agents to secure flights and hotels if that is possible.

Donate Below:

[donations are not closed, goal has been met and exceeded]

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